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I'm a transplanted Chicagoan living in Brooklyn and a longtime Bears fan.


Highlights from the 1985 season, Polish sausage, Re-mixing the "Super Bowl Shuffle" on my iBook

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A Little from Column A, A Little from Column B... posted on 04/24/2008
The NFL’s been buzzing with activity the past week. As if mock drafts, roster breakdowns, and morbid obsessions with Mel Kiper’s hair weren’t enough, many high-profile names have been exercising their freedom of speech. Here’s a quick rundown…

•    Looks like Pacman has got his wish. The trouble corner landed in Dallas in exchange for the 126th overall pick (fourth round) in this weekend’s draft. Also, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder, if Pacman is reinstated soon and plays a viable amount of time in 2008, the Titans could receive another pick in ’09. And if Goodell decides he’s had enough of the gun-toting, money-flashing, strip club connoisseur, the Cowboys get the Titans’ fourth-round pick next year. Jones made his wishes known this past month, voicing his desire to be traded if he returned to the gridiron. Jerry Jones is notorious for providing a new home to players with checkered pasts like T.O. and Tank Johnson, and Pacman fits right into this mold. If Big D wins a Super Bowl with these three guys on their roster, it’d be perfectly epitomized by the scene near the end of

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Bears Schedule Analysis posted on 04/17/2008

*Editor's Note: This piece was written Tuesday night but, due to Internet problems, is being posted just now.

Only the NFL can make headlines with the release of its regular season schedule. Granted, there are only a handful of games for fans to absorb, so the attention given to each week is natural. However, this speaks increasingly to the booming popularity of the league.

So I worked ten hours earlier today and have yet to look at the match-ups. Frankly, I forgot about it until just moments ago, and it’s very tantalizing. I love trying to predict the outcome, and the best games, and how it’ll all play out. I recall the Bears having one of the tougher schedules out there. This is most likely because we’re stuck playing the AFC South this year, a division that produced three, count ‘em 3, playoffs teams in the AFC last year. The Colts will be riding high on Dungy’s swan song; the Jags should be entering their prime; the Titans will roll if Young makes some strides; and the Texans are certainly credible with Schaub in his second year. Yikes. Pencil in an 0-4 for the Bears if Grossman has a turnover in any of those games.

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"Get Your Hands Off My Linebacker!" posted on 03/28/2008
The Bears emerged victorious from the courtroom earlier this week with a decisive off-the-field victory over the embittered 49ers. According to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, San Francisco illegally contacted Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs’ uber-agent, Drew Rosenhaus, during the 2007 season – a “blatant, outright, stupid, stupid, stupid violation of NFL anti-tampering policy,” he remarked. “We basically caught [San Francisco GM] Scot McCloughan with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar. If you know what I mean.” This attempt at humor left many witnesses baffled and appalled, especially when the commissioner followed it up with a series of erratic winks.

McCloughan defended his integrity after court adjourned. “I don’t get what the big deal is. All I did was send Drew a few texts, asking him, you know, if he wanted to hang out or possibly come over to my swinging pad to watch some MTV or something. Can’t a guy hang out with another guy in the beautiful city of San Francisco without getting hassled by the commissioner of the NFL?”

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The Devin Hester Experience posted on 03/21/2008
ESPN columnist KC Joyner took a statistical look at the route-running efficiency of Hester a few days ago, compiling a table that breaks down his experience as a receiver and basically reinforcing how I feel about Chicago’s new #23. Unfortunately, in order to view said table, one must be privy to the world of the ESPN Insider ( http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/insider/columns/story?columnist=joy). If you aren’t, it highlights three things: (a) Hester is at his best running on the go and double-move go routes, catching Griese’s 81-yard bomb at the end of the Minnesota game and Orton’s 55-yarder in the final game. Obviously, this is where he’s his most explosive -- burning defensive backs and hauling in the long ball. He is the heir apparent to Berrian in this capacity and the Bears seem confident enough in this ability to pencil him at #2 on the depth chart for now. However, as Joyner also points out, (b) Hester is suffering from a low YPC on quick hitches and screens. He’s caught eight balls using these two routes but managed a paltry 27 yards total -- only 3.4 yards per catch. Hester needs to learn how to create some space between him and defenders, like Steve Smith (or perhaps Steve Smith of 2005). Working on separation tactics will boost his potential for short yardage situations. And obviously, (c) the kid just lacks overall experience. It should be interesting to see how he adjusts to his new role come September. I still think it’s too early to put him at #2, but it seems the Bears (for better or worse) have their minds set on this.

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Browns No Longer Committed to Sucking; Thoughts on Rashard Mendenhall posted on 03/14/2008
The ceremonial fireworks of the opening weeks of free agency have finally started dying down and there’s a lot of dust to clear through. A few teams have made some big strides, immediately raising their hopes for 2008 with key acquisitions and retainers. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the Browns are probably the poster child for this offseason. On the heels of a ten-win season in which they were unfortunately robbed of a playoff spot, the team too good for a logo had much to look forward to – rising young talent in Edwards (who finally learned how to catch short passes over the middle) and Winslow (who finally realized it wasn’t a good idea to pop wheelies on your bike in May), a terrific offensive line with a young left tackle quickly making a name for himself, a defense that could only really improve. Now, they’ve set themselves up for great success by bringing in talent on both sides of the ball. Re-signing Anderson was a must in my opinion, and the Browns will be all the happier seeing him rather than future franchise QB Quinn trying to direct the offense. Giving Quinn more time as a spectator will aid the transition from college and help him adjust for when he eventually makes his debut. Sure, some would argue that Quinn deserves his shot now, but no one can say that the extra time won’t hurt – two years on the bench is the most valued experience for a fresh QB. With Anderson, even if he does prove to be nothing more than a flash in the pan (as we might suspect from the closing weeks of last season), Quinn is waiting in the ranks. The Browns’ offense also became much more explosive with the addition of Stallworth, a legit speedster who seems to be on a new team each season. The Saints, Eagles, Pats -- can’t we get some consistency? Millions of fantasy owners don’t want to gamble on you each year! We like sure things! (Ironic side note: There are no sure things in fantasy football.)

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