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We Now Have Proof Positive That Bear's Management is Nuts!! posted on 01/10/2008

"Each one of them (Bears' quarterbacks) played good football at some point in time." That from Chicago Bear's General Manager Jerry Angelo a few days ago.

Yeah Jerr, Grossman threw for 4 TDs and 7 interceptions, Griese had 10 TDs and 12 interceptions, while Orton topped the TD to interception ratio with 3 TDs and 2 interceptions. And the highest rating among them? Griese with a - wait for it - 75.6!! Wow! Alright Jerr. Yeah, we can see what you're saying.

Yes, they each played some good football at one time or another. Unfortunately it was in high school! 

This is the big problem with Bear's management. They're so satisfied with mediocre, they don't know "Good", let alone "Excellent" anymore. How about if we could at least say that all of them played "Outstanding" football at one time or another, like most other NFL quarterbacks? And with ratings and TD to interception ratios like all three of them had, how could anyone possibly be satisfied?  

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What a Shameful Waste of a Great Defense and Special Teams! posted on 01/02/2008

Well, it's over. Thank goodness! Shoot the horse and put it to rest. And while you're at it shoot Chicago Bears' management, and let's not leave out the man we all love - Lovie Smith! All should take equal responsibility for absolutely, positively throwing away probably the best defense in the NFL and the genius of Devon Hester and special teams.

It is pitiful what they have done to a potentially championship Bears team by not having - yes, you guessed it - a REAL NFL quarterback anywhere in sight. The blame lies all over the place. The big question Bears fans are asking is WHY? WHY? WHY?

NFL teams - except the New England Patriots evidently - have a window to exploit other teams when their own provides the perfect blend of offense, defense and special teams. Great defenses can't last forever, and great special teams are almost non-existent. The Bears had two of three for the past two seasons, and blew it because they HAVE NO OFFENSE! HELLO!!! Is anyone at Bears' headquarters listening, or watching...or caring at all?

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Now We Know the Bears Have No NFL Quarterbacks! posted on 12/18/2007

Okay, I know. It's beating the proverbial dead horse, but after last night's performance by 3rd stringer Kyle Orten, we now have proof beyond dispute that the Chicago Bears do not have a quarterback who should be playing in the NFL...and it's a real shame.

Yes, he led the Bears a couple years ago to a winning season, but I think we'd have to give most of the credit to the Bear's awesome defense, which, by the way, showed its head again for the first time this season. You can not have your defense on the field for 80% of the 60 minutes and not expect them to be exhausted by the fourth quarter.

Lovie Smith and the Bear's management have to do something and do it now!! This is not fair to life long Bear's fans or any other kind of fans. To have a top-tier defense and absolutely zero offense is a crime.

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Denver Broncos Lament Kicking to Hester posted on 12/16/2007

A gigantically big DUHHHHHH!! to the Denver Broncos. I'm a lifelong Bears fan who lives in Colorado Springs, CO, so I also follow pretty closely the Denver Losers, uh, I mean, Broncos.

Today in our daily paper are presented the ten reasons the Broncos stunk it up this season. I guess the writer put in more diplomatic terms. But let's face it...they stunk it up this season.

One of the primary reasons was the decision to kick to Devin Hester during the Denver loss to the Bears, caused, the writer says, in good part to the two touchdown runbacks of a Denver punt and kick-off  by Hester.

I would like to suggest that the bigger reason the Broncos lost was their bragging before the game that they weren't afraid of Hester and would kick to him. Todd Sauerbrun, the Denver kicker, in particular was especially boastful about that fact. Another big DUH! That's like holding a carrot in front of a rabbit Todd! Of course, anyone with half a brain knows that.

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Why Can't the Bears Find a Good Quarterback and Keep Him? posted on 12/15/2007

Twenty quarterbacks since 1990. No, unfortunately it's not a question; it's a fact about the Chicago Bears. And have any of them been worth their salt? The answer is no for those of you are still trying to come up with an answer to that question. Why? Is it Bear's ownership or management or coaches?

 No team can produce consistent championship quality effort with 20 quarterbacks in 17 years. What's going on? I wish I had an answer for you. I don't. But, then neither does anyone in the Bears organization. Is it lack of focus, money or intelligence? Do other teams get to the good ones first? When you look at the Bear's record over the past couple of decades, they have certainly had their share of low draft picks.

A smashing good defense, yes. Or, was, anyway. But, if the offense isn't on the field their share of the game, I don't care what defense you have, those guys are going to get pretty tired somewhere about halfway through the third quarter.

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