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Why the Bears need WR Marquess Wilson to suit up against Green Bay posted on 11/06/2014

For the first time in three months, Bears wide receiver Marquess Wilson practiced as the Bears get ready to take on inter-divisional rivals, the Green Bay Packers.

Wilson fractured his clavicle at practice on Aug. 4 and has been on the injured reserve list ever since. Now that Wilson is back at practice, the Bears have 3 weeks to decide whether to activate him to their roster or keep him on the injured reserve.

The answer is clear cut as the Bears need all the help they can on offense. They rank 19th in scoring and their offense is limited to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. The Bears need that #3 receiver to add depth and complexity to their passing game, and allow another option for Cutler to go to.

The Packers, best believe, will be ready for the Bears as they get their seasoned safety, Morgan Burnett, back. They were exposed last week against the Saints but now with a veteran in the defensive secondary, the Packers coverage will be tightened up.

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Are the Chicago Bears Superbowl contenders? posted on 09/23/2014

The Chicago Bears were one of the best teams in offense last year, where they recorded an even 8-8 slate. The team averaged 27.8 points a game which is impressive considering that their starting quarterback, Jay Cutler, missed a quarter of the year.

The Bears will be looking to make the playoffs this time but it would need Cutler to be healthy this time around. Cutler has not played the full 16-game season since 2009 and has missed 12 games in the past three years.

If Cutler can stay healthy, he should be able to perform well especially now that he has two receiver to look for. He has great chemistry with wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and he’ll also have Alshon Jeffery as a possible receiver. There’s also tight end Martellus Bennett who translated 65 passes into 759 yards last year.

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NFL Football: What's Next For Chicago Bears Betting After Firing Their Coach? posted on 01/09/2013

If you are a fan of NFL and especially if you enjoy placing bets on NFL games then you have probably found yourself consulting a search engine online for some updates or information about your favorite team. Imagine how easy it is to find results and updates if you have missed a game. A decade or more ago this was not as easy as people had to tune into a sports channel on the radio or TV or wait for the next day’s paper. This goes to show how the Internet has brought about a level of convenience that we take for granted today.

Over the last couple of years fans have not only been checking updates, they are now also placing wagers online. As the Internet has become ubiquitous, the possibility of using it to do what seemed impossible just 20 years ago is becoming a reality.

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